Still Open For Business!

There has been a little confusion from some of our customers since we took the website down…

The reason we took the website down was to avoid offering the current generation EvoDrive to new OEMs. Furthermore the difficulty in manufacturing means we cannot guarantee the minimum stock levels needed to service an online shopping cart.

For existing customers however, the current models of EvoDrive ARE still available.

We have limited manufacturing capacity, but we estimate that we will continue to supply the current generation for approximately 12 months.

This is mostly to established OEMs, but there is stock available for small quantity purchases as well (there may simply be a longer lead time involved).

So if you know what you need… or if you just need information or downloads… feel free to contact us at eva[at]


EvoDrive – Gen 2…

No that won’t be the name… just be thankful I didn’t use “The Next Generation”…

The manufacturing issues with the first generation EvoDrive has been a terrific motivator for us. For several years we have wanted to:

a) Make the EvoDrive better, smaller, faster, and cheaper (yet classier)! and

b) Partner with a company with a good reputation, rock-solid sales channels, and ruggedly-handsome support engineers.

Well now we are finally doing it.

We are (a) working on the next generation [oh well, it had to happen] of EvoDrive stepper motor controller. More details on that to come shortly… stay tuned.

And (b), we have selected Motion Control Products based in the UK to be the sales and support partner you have been longing for. MCP has a huge breadth of experience in motion control in both the industrial and product design markets. They were also recommended to us by one of their customers… which is a great testimony to their OEM support.


EvoDrive – End Of Life

We recently advised all our OEMs and recent customers that the current generation of the EvoDrive is entering an End-Of-Life phase.

Below is the letter we sent around:

[queue “circle of life” music…]


Please be aware that the current generation of EvoDrive Stepper Motor controllers (ST-PCB, ST-17, ST-23, and ST-34) are entering an End-Of-Life phase.

This unfortunate change is due to the sudden obsolescence of some key components. These components have no equivalent replacement on the market and EVA Robotics has no choice but to cease manufacture of the current design.

EVA Robotics regrets the significant inconvenience caused to our terrific partners and OEMs, and we want to assure you that we are working hard to minimise the impact for those who rely on these controllers for their products.

We have purchased as much stock of the key components as we can, and estimate it is sufficient for approximately 12 months of continued production.

We are calling on all customers to consider placing a last-time buy to satisfy your production needs during this transition. Alternatively you could provide us with a forecast of your needs and we will plan to meet them as best we can.

We are working on a second generation EvoDrive product to replace the current design. If this is of interest to you please contact us for details. Please be aware that, at this stage, it will not be sold or supported by EVA Robotics directly, rather it will be offered through a sales partner.

Again, we apologise sincerely for the difficulties this may cause. We’ve been there! Many times!

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us.