EvoDrive – Gen 2…

No that won’t be the name… just be thankful I didn’t use “The Next Generation”…

The manufacturing issues with the first generation EvoDrive has been a terrific motivator for us. For several years we have wanted to:

a) Make the EvoDrive better, smaller, faster, and cheaper (yet classier)! and

b) Partner with a company with a good reputation, rock-solid sales channels, and ruggedly-handsome support engineers.

Well now we are finally doing it.

We are (a) working on the next generation [oh well, it had to happen] of EvoDrive stepper motor controller. More details on that to come shortly… stay tuned.

And (b), we have selected¬†Motion Control Products¬†based in the UK to be the sales and support partner you have been longing for. MCP has a huge breadth of experience in motion control in both the industrial and product design markets. They were also recommended to us by one of their customers… which is a great testimony to their OEM support.


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